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A passion project formed by Jay Roecker, working in collaboration with Christi Rodriguez, Cut Down Trees and Remington Rafael. Members Only formed in January 2012. It began as an 80’s cover band but quickly morphed into a band of original music. The name comes from the widely popular jackets worn in the 1980s. It is also a tongue in cheek reference to the exclusivity of the band. The band is a collaboration of multiple artists. Jay maintains the project working in collaboration with Remington Rafael, Cut Down Trees, and Christi Rodriguez. The aim is to build the music with creativity and passion being the driving force behind the records. For the first album, all songs were written by Jay Roecker and Corey McCurry with the exception of Afterlife the one cover song written by Ingrid Michaelson and her team.   On the initial album Jay collaborated with Corey McCurry, a mutli-talented composer to create the music.  Corey was born in 1989 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and now plays in churches in Greenville, Texas.  The second forthcoming album will be a collaboration between Remington, Christi, Cut Down Trees and other artists.  All the music is produced by Remington Rafael, Cut DownTrees and co-produced by Jay Roecker.
Christi Rodriguez hails from Fort Worth, Texas  She puts the funk in funky town with her soulful vocals and guitar.  Christi sings in a few local chorus groups.  Her addition to the team added some much needed spice and female appeal.
Jay Roecker was born in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. One of four army siblings, he grew up in Fort Worth Texas where he spent his youth singing in church choirs, competitions and numerous musicals. After graduating from UNT in Denton, Texas, Jay pursued a career as National Manager of Artist Partnerships for the Radio Disney Network, a part of the Walt Disney Company. In this role he coordinated numerous successful concert tours nationwide, developed new talent via Radio Disney’s Incubator (Now Called NBT- Next Big Thing) and acted as artist/label liaison for the network and stations. Some artists Jay promoted included Hilary Duff, The Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney and Miley Cyrus.
Jay always had a vision to create his own band writing his own music. Members Only allows Jay the vehicle to use his skills in artist development to spotlight new talent and fulfill his dream to create and promote his own music.  Members Only was formed as a synergistic band of catchy pop tunes with new fresh lyrics and music. The writings are musing from life experience driven to speak to the commonality in all of us.
Jay Roecker formed Roecker Records to distribute the new tracks. The first single, “Bucket Full of Crazy” was released in February, 2013, followed by "You and Me" in June and "Thoughts of You" in July.  Most songs for the debut album were recorded at Septien Entertainment Group, proving ground for such artists as Jessica Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Nick Lachey, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. The latest releases including "Afterlife" released in December, 2014 are a collaboration effort with production from Cutdown Trees and Video Direction by Boy Epic. "Afterlife" is the first cover recorded by Roecker and Members Only. Jay lost his mother to breast cancer in March of 2003. After hearing Ingrid's song, he felt inspired to record a version of the track. His perspective on life took a drastic shift upon his mother's loss. The idea that we must live for today and that we are the "Afterlife" spoke volumes to Jay. In fact, his song 'All We Have is Today' speaks of this very lesson and his loss of his mother.  The next single "Sunday Funday" released in February, 2015. The video for the single includes cameos by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October, Lindsey Stirling, Rachel Reilly of CBS' Big Brother/Survivor, Krystal Summers, Courtney Kerr from Bravo's Courtney loves Dallas, DJ Leigh Ann Adam, Luke Wade from NBC's The Voice, Comedian Dixie Longate, Katy Tiz, Hilary Shepard - Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo and Boy Epic. The single/video for "Let's Run Away Forever" released on 3/19/15 featuring Christi Rodriguez.  Boy Epic, Director of the videos has gained notoriety in his huge YouTube presence as an Independent Artist with much more to come. The debut album "Labor of Love" releases 4/24/2015 with 14 tracks, a true culmination of Jay's life work. After all this what has Jay learned?  "The Greatest Solace is Knowing the Dream Was Ventured.", states Jay. The group is constantly recording and working on new videos. Stay tuned for more at and!



March is ramping up for an April Album Drop 

The music video 'Sunday Funday' has been creating quite the buzz on youtube with the artist cameos and radio airplay. On the heels of that successful effort band mates Christi Rodriguez AKA C-Rod who sang backing vocals on the next release shot the next single and video "Let's Run Away Forever" which debuts when the album "Labor of Love' drops 4/24. The video was directed by good friend Boy Epic.
Christi and Jay will be performing their song 'Resolute' in a few weeks in Ft. Worth, Texas with a string quartet. Stay tuned for details.
Jay's team just received all 14 tracks back from mastering at Telegraph Recording by Sound Engineer, Mike Kalajian. The album sounds tight and we can't wait for you to hear it.

February is Fantastic 

Jay and team have had a lot going on. They released the debut single Sunday Funday complete with a video directed by Boy Epic including cameos by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October, Lindsey Stirling, Rachel Reilly of CBS Big Brother/Survivor, Krystal Summers, Luke Wade from NBC’s The Voice, Comedian Dixie Longate, Katy Tiz, Hilary Shepart – Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo and Boy Epic. Song is availble on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and everywhere. Also it was the first song to premier on broadcast radio waves as Courtney Kerr and Leigh Ann Adam spotlighted the track in their live local feature due to their cameo appearances in the video:
The culmination of Jay's life work, his album Labor Of Love is set to drop 4/24.

January is the Journey 

January has been complete with many happenings. Jay's Tokyo Travel Article on GoKokoTravel went live under city secrets at Also Jay's cover of Ingrid Michaelson's 'Afterlife' soared to well over 1,000 views on youtube in a few weeks at Lastly, Jay added the final touches to the first single off the debut album, 'Labor of Love'. The kick off track "Sunday Funday" will surely be a crowd pleaser. Next up shooting the music video, sending album to mastering and building our promotional campaign. Thank YOU for taking the journey with us and the 5,000 other new twitter followers added this month !

December Deets is our new Ingid Michaelson cover song and video for sale this weekend on iTunes, Google Play and Everywhere. Jay had a great time collaborating with Cut Down Trees and Boy Epic on this his first cover. Jay's mother passed from breast cancer March 4th, 2003. That experience shook him to the core and forever changed his perspective on life. Ingrid's song inspired him as we must live for today tackling our fears because this moment could be your last. Cutdown trees and Jay are working on a remix of the "You and Me" track. This track will lead the release of the 13 track album "Labor of Love' out this Winter 2015. Once complete all songs go to mastering then release! In the meantime, Jay will be visiting family in Japan for the holidays. We wish you and yours a happy holiday and much success in 2015!

November News 

We finally got all the tracks back from our fabulous producer Remington from the studio in Los Angeles. Now we are shopping for a production house to master the album. Additionally we are getting the stems from Remington for our lead track, 'Sunday Funday' to create an 80s pop EDM version in addition to the Rock-a-billy original. The release is fast approaching!

October is upon us 

The final track from Labor of Love, "Sincerely" is coming shortly from producer Remington in Los Angeles. Album release date coming soon!

September is Suhweet! 

Members Only finished off the last production bits of Let's Run Away in Los Angeles with producer Remington and totally revamped the sound of Sincerely. Next up we finalize Sunday Funday and Resolute's production elements in studio in Dallas. We're developing a new Youtube cover strategy to expand our social media reach. Our new management team is going to kill it!

Alrighty it's August 

Members Only is in the middle of retooling their live show. The team is getting a new key board from Phoenix. Speaking of Phoenix, guitarist Christi Rodriguez is spending time in the desert city with her new gal pal. Erika Meredith is working on new single art for upcoming monthly single releases, while Jay is planning a trip to LA to work with Remington on some production tweaks to the final songs we cut. Stay tuned!

July is Burnin' Up! 

June ended with the photo shoot for Jay Roecker and Members Only's debut album, 'Labor of Love.' Photography is by Jay Fuertez of Makeup is by Lilina Giddens - and album concept was developed by both Jay Roecker and Jay Fuertez. It was a fun meeting of artistic synergy. We received word our work was so impressive, Emage Magazine booked Jay Roecker and Members Only for a spread promoting our music: We couldn't be more thrilled with the interest and promotion. Jay Roecker and Members Only also had an impromptu performance along side Joanna Holstein of Sweden at Chill Wine Lounge in Fort Lauderdale. This swank lounge is cool and so chill. It's a definite must visit. Joanna is a masterful singer/performer in her own right. Her music may be previewed at . We anticipate new tracks from our producer Remington shortly. Stay tuned for more fresh hits!

June is Busting Out All Over 

May brought a lot of changes to Members Only. We completed recording all vocals for our upcoming album "Labor Of Love" and had some personnel changes also. We bid adieu to Corey McCorey so he could focus on his church work and music education while welcoming back up vocalist and guitarust Christ Rodriguez. June 22nd we shoot our album images with the amazingly talented Jay Fuertez. His work may be previewed at The album cover will be mechanical poetry with heart. Stay tuned and thank you for your support....